Lissberger Leierkurse 2019

27th - 29th September 2019

Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players


Hendrik Ardner, Gerd Ganz, Peter Streng, Ron Winkler und

Alex Zwingmann



Start: Friday 27th September 2019 19:00h / Arrive 18:00h

End: Sunday 29th September 2019 12:00h

Workshop times:

Friday 27th September 2019

19:00h - 21:00h: Grouping of participants and begin of workshops
Saturday 28th September 2019

09:00h - 12:00h / 14:00h - 18:00h Workshops
Sunday 29th September 2019

09:00h - 12:00h Workshops


Instruments / renting a hurdy gurdy for the weekend:

All hurdy gurdies are welcome!

Instruments should be in a good and playable condition.

If you don't have your own hurdy gurdy you can rent an instrument for the weekend for a fee of €30.

Please contact Kurt Reichmann in advance if you need an instrument!


Accommodation / Catering:

The "Burgerstiftung Alte Schule Lissberg" has a limited number of beds in shared accommodation. Please book direct with the Burgerstiftung:

Eleonore Betz / e-mail: These costs are not included in the workshop fee.

B&Bs are few and far between in Lissberg itself. In the surrounding area, such as Ortenberg, there are some. Anyone wishing to stay in a B&B will need to organise a room themselves:

There is only a butcher in Lissberg, so you'll need to bring some provisions with you for the weekend. There will be a caterer providing inexpensive warm lunchtime and evening meals. Meals are not included in the workshop fee.


A big thank you to all tutors, students and helpers who helped make the Lissberger Leierkurse 2019 such a success!!

Lissberger Leierkurse 2019 / Foto: B. Halpin

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