Lissberger Leiertage 2016

Invitation to the Lissberger Leiertage 2016:

5th - 8th May2016

Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players in small groups.


Wednesday 4th May 2016, afternoon


for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

Workshop times

Thursday 05.05.2016 10:00h - 12:30h; 14:30h - 17:00h
Friday 06.05.2016 9:30h - 12:30h; 14:30h - 16:30h
Saturday 07.05.2016 9:30h - 12:30h; 14:30h - 16:30h

Workshop fee

€130 (including camping and use of facilities), to be paid to workshop tutor in Lissberg.

* Fee for guests camping: €25

Please tell us what level player you are and if you need an instrument for the workshop (fee: €20 for the weekend).

Hendrik Ardner / Wiehl - language: German

"All Beginnings are Hard - Workshop for Newcomers"
In my workshop we’ll be discovering the hurdy gurdy using easy to learn melodies.

Gerhard Ganz / Frankfurt am Main - language: German
"Getting to grips with the 4-stroke"
This is a workshop for those who have already had tuition and would like to become more confident with their trompette technique. We will analyse how the wheel is divided and learn how to hold and guide the crank, how to play each of the four beats of the 4-stroke uniformly and practice coordination of the right and left hand.

Scott Marshall / England - language: English
“Embrace your hurdy-gurdy!”
Scott will be sharing from his continuing journey of enabling the heart to meet the instrument. Playing with ideas of expression and feeling, automatic playing and improvisation, the gift of mistakes, the instrument as sound creator. Including: slowing things down, exotic scales, mixing scales up, trills and key noise, synchronizing trompette, the tirant, tips for practice, riffs and repetition, harmonization. detuning and using technology/ pedals. And coffee. And cake.

Cliff Stapleton / England - language: English
I will guide, in detail, techniques of fingering and musical expression using simple melodies which relate to drone, no drone and with trompette rhythm. My aim will be to create a strong collective sound from all players in the class and a communal feeling of “being in the zone”.
An ability to read music will help but good ears and eyes are essential.
Be prepared to “be open” and to learn and enjoy this method for it is designed to enhance your music whatever your playing style.

Ron Winkler / Annaburg - language: German
"All you can (b)eat"
In my workshop we will focus on rhythm and trompetting techniques for almost every occasion.
(Not recommended for absolute beginners.)

Alex Zwingmann / Nürnberg - language: German
""Simply" play hurdy gurdy"
The ambiguity of the title of my workshop is obvious but also very fitting. During their "hurdy gurdy career" many players ask themselves: how can I make my playing sound "livelier" or are there any exercises to help me become more independent and relaxed while playing? These are just a couple of the questions we will be dealing with and trying out our newly gained skills on well-known tunes.
We will also be looking at how to optimise the sound of our instruments and solving any common faults/maintenance issues.
I will be bringing along effect pedals and a loop station and participants are welcome to try them out.
A workshop for intermediate and advanced players and those who like to experiment!!

Instruments / renting a hurdy gurdy for the weekend

Instruments should be in a good and playable condition.
If you don't have your own hurdy gurdy you can rent an instrument for the weekend for a fee of €20.

Please contact Kurt Reichmann in advance if you need an instrument!

Hurdy Gurdy Forum and Concerts

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 19:30h – 21:00h new developments in hurdy gurdy music, hurdy gurdy making and regional characteristics of the instrument will be presented and discussed and there will also be solo performances and concerts.

Kurt Reichmann - Talk on the "Zaz Dulab"

Afterwards open mic, sessions and dancing.

Cantorca - Concert

Afterwards open mic, sessions and dancing.

Cliff Stapleton - Solo Hurdy Gurdy
Scott Marshall - Solo Hurdy Gurdy
Ron Winkler - Solo Hurdy Gurdy

Afterwards open mic, sessions and dancing.

Accommodation / Catering:

Camping (tent, car, van, caravan etc.). There are toilet and shower facilities on the grounds.
B&Bs are few and far between in Lissberg itself. In the surrounding area, such as Ortenberg, there are some. Anyone wishing to stay in a B&B will need to organise a room themselves:

There isn't a supermarket or corner shop in Lissberg but there is a pub restaurant and a butcher's (the baker shut down, unfortunately), so you'll need to bring some provisions with you for the weekend.

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