Lissberger Leierkurse 2018

28th - 30th September 2018

Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players


Dear Hurdy Gurdy Friends,


I have the pleasure of inviting you to this year's Lissberger Leierkurse. The workshops take place in the "Alte Schule", which has now been fully renoviated and refitted. We can look forward to learning in the new "Alte Schule".


As at the Lissberger Leiertage there will be a caterer providing inexpensive warm lunchtime and evening meals on Saturday (vegetarian options available). Meals are not included in the workshop fee.

However you will need to bring provisions with you for breakfast as there is only a butcher in Lissberg.


All further information regarding the Lissberger Leierkurse, workshop times, location etc. can be found below.




Kurt Reichmann



Start: Friday 28th September 2018 from 18:00h

Finish: Sunday 30th September 2018 12:00h


Meeting point: Friday 29.09. 18:00h in the "Alte Schule", Pfarrer-Koch-Str. 2, 63683 Lissberg / Ortenberg.

Workshop times:

Fri. 28th September 2018: 19:00h - 21:00h
Sat. 29th September 2018: 09:00h – 12:00h / 14:00h – 17:00h

Sun. 30th September 2018: 09:00h – 12:00h 


Workshop fee:

The workshop fee is € 110, to be paid in Lissberg.


Shared accommodation in the "Alte Schule":

A limited number of beds in shared accommodation are available in the newly renovated and furnished flats next to the "Alte Schule". Bookings are being handled by the "Bürgerstiftung Lißberg".

Please contact the "Bürgerstiftung Lißberg" for further details regarding the accommodation and bookings

Eleonore Betz / Mobile: 0151 - 58068510 / e-mail:


Other accommodation:

B&Bs are few and far between in Lissberg itself. In the surrounding area, such as Ortenberg, there are some. Anyone wishing to stay in a B&B will need to organise a room themselves:



As at the Lissberger Leiertage, there will be a caterer providing inexpensive warm lunchtime and evening meals on Saturday (vegetarian options available). Meals are not included in the workshop fee.

However, you will need to bring provisions with you for breakfast as there is only a butcher in Lissberg.

Instruments / Renting a hurdy gurdy for the weekend:
Instruments should be in a good and playable condition.
All hurdy gurdies welcome!

If you don't have your own hurdy gurdy you can rent an instrument for the weekend for a fee of €30.

Please contact Kurt Reichmann in advance if you need an instrument!


Learn in small workshop groups Kurskonzept


Hurdy Gurdy Workshops for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Players

Hendrik Ardner / Wiehl - language: German
“Which stringed instrument has keys? And why is there a crank? Which stringed instrument can you “beat”? And what’s all this about a “dog”? When were you last able to spend a whole weekend turning a wheel?”
We will have a look at all these questions over the weekend.
This workshop is suitable for total beginners who have not previously played an instrument and also for those who want to discover something “new” (the hurdy gurdy has been around since the 12th century). By using simple melodies we will learn the “coup de deux” over the weekend.
For this workshop you do not need to be able to read sheet music (but it won’t do any harm either).

Gerhard Ganz / Frankfurt am Main - language: German
“You don’t need to re-invent the wheel - but you can turn it faster or slower”
If you’re new to the hurdy gurdy, maybe you’ve already had a couple of lessons, then this is the workshop for you. We will go through all the important aspects of playing: playing posture and position of the hurdy gurdy, how to hold the crank and create a stable (bowed) sound, how to create “nice” sounds by using the right key pressure and how to move along the keys.
Using simple melodies we will train coordination of the right and left hands and start to get familiar with trompetting techniques. We will also spend time on instrument set-up and everything a player needs to know in order to create pleasant sounds.

Peter Streng / Kaufbeuren - language: German
„Basic course: all important techniques for playing and different rhythms“
How can I interpret music (ornamentation, fingering, etc.) using all the possibilities of the hurdy gurdy? How do I find the right trompette pattern?
The level of playing in the workshop will be adapted to the individual needs of the participants. For our workshop I will be using a loop-oriented approach in order to keep the amount of sheet music at a minimum which will enable us to concentrate fully on the music itself and playing techniques.
We will, of course, also learn tunes to take home with you.

Ron Winkler / Annaburg - language: German
"All you can (b)eat"
In my workshop we will focus on rhythm and trompetting techniques for almost every occasion.
(Not recommended for absolute beginners.)


Learn in small workshop groups Kurskonzept




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