Lissberger Leiertage 2018 10th - 13th May 2018

Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players


Dear Hurdy Gurdy Friends,


I have the pleasure of inviting you to this year’s Lissberger Leiertage.


Once again, I am pleased to be able present you with a fantastic programme of evening concerts which will take you on a further journey along the Silk Road.


This year Ulrike Bergmann will be joining the team of tutors, whose main focus is on voice and hurdy gurdy, and I am pleased to welcome Nicolas Koch-Sims back again.


In particular, I am pleased to announce that after a number of years rooms in the "Alte Schule" have been renovated and will be available to us during the Lissberger Leiertage. The "Bürgerstiftung Alte Schule Lißberg" have managed to revamp the "Alte Schule" and new central heating has been installed and sanitary facilities are almost complete.


As last year, a caterer will be offering inexpensive warm lunchtime and evening meals (there will also be vegetarian options).  The cost of the meals is not included in the workshop fee.


Below you will find information regarding workshop times, details and fees as well as information on the evening concerts.


Kurt Reichmann


Hurdy gurdy workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players


Learn in small workshop groups Kurskonzept



Start: Wednesday 9th May 2018 from 19:00h

End: Sunday 13th May 2018

Workshop times:

Thursday 10th May 2018

10:00 h Grouping of participants and begin of workshops
12:30 h Lunch / Catering
14:30 h Workshops
17:30 h Evening break / Catering
20:00 h Concerts in the hall


Friday 11th May 2019
09:30 h Workshops
12:00 h Lunch / Catering
14:30 h Workshops
17:00 h Evening break / Catering
20:00 h Concerts in the hall


Saturday 12th May 2018
09:30 h Workshops
12:00 h Lunch / Catering
14:30 h Workshops
17:00 h Evening break / Catering
20:00 h Concerts in the hall

Sunday 13th May 2018


Hurdy Gurdy Workshops for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Players:


Scott Marshall / England

“Hug your hurdy gurdy!”

I will be teaching various tunes and also sharing some of the things I’ve been discovering through playing with you: instrument set up, rosin & cotton; ideas for practice and improvisation; improving technique and making practice fun; playing to records and trying out different tunings; trompette tricks and patterns, adding the buzzes between the buzzes; scales and exotic scales; visualising the keybox; intervals and how to use effects pedals.


Nicolas Koch-Sims / Denmark

Music is like language: Through ever-changing themes, rhythms and intonations we communicate and convey our message to our listener. Dive into a vibrant repertoire of modern as well as traditional Scandinavian tunes that will lay the foundation for this workshop. Alternating rhythms and moving accents in patterns of three, four and five etc. will be amongst the techniques that will ultimately enhance your playing style and help you to communicate with precision and grace through your instrument.


Ulrike Bergmann: „Singen zur Drehleier“
Using examples from different eras we will try to sing to the hurdy gurdy in the style of the respective time. At the same time, we will look at the historical and social context of the songs and try to imagine the realities of life of the people who once sang these songs. For me, it is important to show that these old ballads and songs can be brought back to life in this way and that you can tell wonderful stories by singing.


Hendrik Ardner / Wiehl: All beginnings are hard – workshop for newcomers”

In my workshop we’ll be discovering the hurdy gurdy using easy to learn melodies.


Alex Bloch / Berlin: “Die alte Leier” –just get started!”

Have fun getting started on the hurdy gurdy and learning easy dance tunes.


Just trompette? 3 days long? Yes!

Many years of workshop experience have shown us that there is a great need for more intensive work on trompette technique. For many players there is never enough time in workshops to concentrate more intensively on trompette technique in order to continue working at home on their own. 

After the great response to this workshop last year, we will be offering it this year again.

These workshops are not only suitable for advanced players who want to ensure that their technique for the coup de quatre is correct and to build on that but also for beginners who are familar with the crank and have a sense of circular motion.



Peter Streng / Kaufbeuren: „Just trompette!“

-    Clear and systematic development of the 4 points of intersection and directions of movement. 

-    The proven methodology and sufficient time guarantee success for each participant. 

-    We will combine this technique with short melody phrases (we won't be learning complete pieces of music).

-    As a form of relaxation after such hard work, you will learn to make or modify a chien (buzzing bridge) suitable for your instrument. I will have all the necessary materials and tools with me. Success once again for all!


Ron Winkler / Annaburg„All you can (b)eat“
In my workshop we will focus on rhythm and trompetting techniques for almost every occasion.
(Not recommended for absolute beginners.)


Gerhard Ganz / Frankfurt am Main„Around the wheel“

This workshop is for all those who have already started player the hurdy gurdy and would like to become more confident with their trompette technique.


Learn in small workshop groups Kurskonzept



Start: Wednesday 9th May 2018 from 19:00h

End: Sunday 13th May 2018


Registration / Workshop Fee:

The workshop fee is €140 (including camping and use of facilities) and is to be paid to workshop tutor in Lissberg.


Visitors / Partners:  

Camping (tent, campervan, caravan, van etc.)

(electricity for caravans is limited)

€10 pro person and day /

€30 for the whole weekend


Instruments / renting a hurdy gurdy for the weekend:


All hurdy gurdies are welcome!


Instruments should be in a good and playable condition.


If you don't have your own hurdy gurdy you can rent an instrument for the weekend for a fee of €30.


Please contact Kurt Reichmann in advance if you need an instrument!


Accommodation / Catering:

Camping (tent, car, van, caravan etc.). There are toilet and shower facilities on the grounds.

B&Bs are few and far between in Lissberg itself. In the surrounding area, such as Ortenberg, there are some. Anyone wishing to stay in a B&B will need to organise a room themselves:


There is only a butcher in Lissberg, so you'll need to bring some provisions with you for the weekend. There will be a caterer at the hall providing inexpensive warm lunchtime and evening meals. Meals are not included in the workshop fee.

Evening Concerts, 8pm:


Thursday, 10th May 2018

Else Pelse: Klezmer Music from Frankfurt-Fechenheim

Klezmer music with a touch of Balkan from Frankfurt – Fechenheim.

Brigitte Friebertshäuser (accordion), Carmen Thome (violin), Sebastian Strecker (clarinet), Günter Krause (saxophone, percussion) and “Lui” Jessl (double bass).


Ulrike Bergmann: "Es wolt ein fraw zum weine gan"

Women in historical songs and ballads.


Friday, 11th May 2018

Nicolas Koch-Sims & Werner von Strauch: Baroque Music on Hurdy Gurdy and Lute (Basso Continuo)

Jean Hotteterre, Suite for musette, flute, vielle, oboe  or  other melody instruments with basso continuo.


Oleksa Kabanov, Kiev

Oleksa Kabanov plays a variety of plucked and string instruments including the organistrum, sitar, bandura, lute and hurdy gurdy. He is a member of the ensemble "Tarab Andalusi" - a unique phenomenon in Ukranian music specialising in Oriental music traditions. The ensemble's musicians are true virtuosos playing ancient mediaeval oriental and ethnic instruments. The multi-instrumentalist Oleska Kabanov is also known as the "orchestra man".


Saturday, 12th May 2018

Enkhtuya Jambaldorj:

Plays a range of traditional Mongolian instruments: Shudraga (a plucked three string instrument), Morin Khuur (two string horsehead fiddle) and Yatga, a 21 string plucked zither. The Yatga and the Zasdulab reconstructed by Kurt Reichmann are depicted on a wall painting of the Donghuang caves.

Since moving to Germany in 2000, Enkhtuya Jambaldorj has played various guest performances with numerous Mongolian music groups in addition to playing a permanent role in some of the world music ensembles in the Rhine-Main region. At present, she is also active in three band projects, two of which focus on traditional Mongolian music and one on traditional and modern Iranian-Mongolian world music.


In addition, we can look forward to performances by workshop tutors.

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