Lissberger Leierkurse 2021

24th - 26th September 2021


All workshops are fully booked!


The Alte Schule is only open to registered participants, tutors and organistional team.


*Visitors are not permitted.*

Dear Hurdy Gurdy Friends,



Team Reichmann has been meeting over the last few weeks to discuss how the Lissberger Leierkurse 2021 from 24th – 26th September can take place.


Taking into account the current pandemic situation and the corona regulations in Hesse, we have the pleasure of inviting you to Lissberg to the Leierkurse.


For purely organisational reasons, the Leierkurse 2021 are only open to participants who have been fully vaccinated (+14 days) or have recovered from SarsCov2/Covid-19 (within the last 6 months) and have had one vaccination, and who have proof of the aforementioned. We hope you can understand our reasons for this.


The main points:


- Learning in small workshop groups with maximum 6 participants
- Five workshop groups in spacious rooms

- Hand disinfectant in the different rooms

- Socially distanced meals


We are hoping for good weather so that we can spend the two evenings outside chatting and relaxing after a hard day’s gurdying.


Tutors are: Peter Streng, Ron Winkler, Hendrik Ardner, Alex Bloch and Gerhard Ganz.


The workshop fee is €120. You will have to organise and pay for your own meals and accommodation - these costs are not included in the workshop fee. As at previous workshops, we can order meals (lunch/dinner) from „Da Roberto“, an Italian restaurant in nearby Ortenberg, who offers inexpense warm meals (also vegetarian). Accommodation (shared rooms) is available from the Buergerstiftung Lissberg next door to the Old School and can be booked online: In order to organise how the rooms are shared the Buergerstiftung Lissberg kindly asked that in addition to booking online that an e-mail specifying any wishes is sent to them:


If you do not have your own hurdy gurdy, you can rent one from Kurt Reichmann for the weekend for a fee of €30. Please ensure that you book your rental hurdy gurdy by making an appropriate comment when signing up for the workshop in the "comments" box!


We will inform all participants about our hygiene concept shortly before the weekend. We ask all participants to adhere to the general social/physical distancing rules as well as the right way of coughing and sneezing (into your elbow). Please avoid handshakes, hugs etc. Should you have any of the typical symptoms associated with the corona virus (fever, dry cough, diarrhoea, loss of sense of smell or taste) within 14 days before the workshops begin, please contact us. You will not be able to participate in the workshop.


As the number of participants is limited, we will have a waiting list in case a place becomes availabe and contact those on the list accordingly.


We wish everyone the best of health and look forward to another great hurdy gurdy weekend in Lissberg!




Kurt Reichmann + Team


Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players



Hendrik Ardner, Alex Bloch, Gerhard Ganz, Peter Streng und Ron Winkler



Start: Friday 24th September 2021 19:00h / Arrive 18:00h

End: Sunday 26th September 2021 12:00h

Workshop times:

Friday 24th September 2021

19:00h - 21:00h: Grouping of participants and begin of workshops

Saturday 25th September 2021

09:00h - 12:00h / 14:00h - 18:00h Workshops

Sunday 26th September 2021

09:00h - 12:00h Workshops


Instruments / renting a hurdy gurdy for the weekend:

All hurdy gurdies are welcome!

Instruments should be in a good and playable condition.

If you don't have your own hurdy gurdy you can rent an instrument for the weekend for a fee of €30.

Please contact Kurt Reichmann in advance if you need an instrument!


Accommodation / Catering:

The "Burgerstiftung Alte Schule Lissberg" has a limited number of beds in shared accommodation. Please book direct with the Burgerstiftung:

These costs are not included in the workshop fee.

B&Bs are few and far between in Lissberg itself. In the surrounding area, such as Ortenberg, there are some. Anyone wishing to stay in a B&B will need to organise a room themselves:


There is only a butcher in Lissberg, so you'll need to bring some provisions with you for the weekend. As at previous workshops we will be able to use the delivery service offered by "Da Roberto" in Ortenberg. The restaurant offers inexpensive meals (also vegetarian). Please note that these costs are not included in the workshop fee.


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